A day in the life of a gas engineer......

A day in the life of a gas engineer......


My ChargesPosted by Sebastian Thu, July 01, 2010 21:37:08
My favorite customer paid on the nose AGAIN! I love that type of customer. Thanks again S.

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Posted by Gill Tue, July 06, 2010 12:09:24

It may work both ways but the street is much wider on their side.

Like autobahn wide

Posted by Sebastian Fri, July 02, 2010 01:18:07

I know, but sometimes the greed gets you and you do the job anyway....... I think we have all met 'that' client, but fairs fair, there are also bad engineers too, so it works both ways!

Posted by Tommy Fri, July 02, 2010 01:15:02

Always go with your gut, some clients just aint right. Walk away if your in any doubt. Ive been stung hard before, dont let it happen to you