A day in the life of a gas engineer......

A day in the life of a gas engineer......

Built to last

CommentsPosted by Sebastian Mon, November 08, 2010 22:45:32
Old but built to last...... I wonder how long it will take to recommission?

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Plz help, my cat is Possessed!

Dangerous stuffPosted by Sebastian Mon, November 08, 2010 22:42:49
As you can see, my cat has issues. not only is he either Radioactive or possesed, he also thinks he is part of a flute. Any suggestions?

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want to know what im doing and when?

My servicesPosted by Sebastian Mon, November 08, 2010 22:04:21

This is a link to my calender / diary - you can see when im busy etc. Unfortunately I often just put all my apointments in a random jumble - so it looks like ive got 6 appointments at 10am! dont worry - its just my way, works for me!


You will see im very light on my feet, often I can give same day service.

My clients seem to like it that way.

Notice I dont often have nothing to do!

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my CRB.... just so you know im not an Axe murderer or the like

ReferencesPosted by Sebastian Mon, November 08, 2010 21:47:54
excuse the water mark.....! slipped with my teacup.

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a basic basic install

My servicesPosted by Sebastian Sun, November 07, 2010 23:10:33
ok, very basic install, client did a lot of the pipework (hence its not straight) but it did end up saving him a lot of money. obviously i did the gas pipe, boiler, flue etc. consider it people - even if you cant pipe your own rads - lift the boards for me, move the carpet and furniture...... it saves you money!

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Dangerous stuffPosted by Sebastian Sun, November 07, 2010 23:02:39

oh dear ............................ this clogged up while full of about 100 duck carcasses. had to unload with a shovel before i could repair....... smiley

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Can this be fixed?

TechnicalPosted by Sebastian Sun, November 07, 2010 22:51:46

I realy want to try getting this running. I figure its 1920's, but its not the oldest ive seen, the oldest was runnung tho, its not underwater its underground and cobwebs. i figure it has to be oil (lpg is no go as its underground) it still holds water so its possible..... i wont get paid to fix it, but ......

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My servicesPosted by Sebastian Mon, November 01, 2010 23:41:08
It's been a while...... Busy busy busy....... But suddenly not...... Strange

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Repairs to barrel.... (steel pipe)

TechnicalPosted by Sebastian Tue, August 03, 2010 21:12:54

Did this today....... good luck finding anone else who does small barrel repairs.......

Right, first thing is that the bottom rhs pipe is free ended, but bent like a banana, almost an S shape, and its 1" off the floor. Above goes up to a swan neck, top rhs pipe is also free ended, and again, banana shaped. had to dismantle the whole thing, then replace the tee (was corroded badly) and rebuild. Tricky! Originaly i wanted to repipe in copper.... but its a heavy traffic area... and when i came to do the job I decided copper was out of the question.

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In commercial systems, TWO things usualy have to fail

TechnicalPosted by Sebastian Tue, August 03, 2010 21:01:18
This is a pumped waste water connection..... blown off. Did anyone notice? hell no. it dug itself a hole back to the septic tank, the cover was bolted down, if it hadnt been, you bet they would notice!

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