A day in the life of a gas engineer......

A day in the life of a gas engineer......

Double dip reccession? DEFINATELY!

My ChargesPosted by Sebastian Thu, July 29, 2010 23:13:17

My ninety day account is rising dailey......... I think the economy is dropping again!

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The reality of the job.....

My ChargesPosted by Sebastian Mon, July 19, 2010 01:40:00

My '90 days or over' file............. If anyone is considering doing what i do, please remember you dont only repair stuff, you also bankroll your clients to a greater or lesser extent........ As you can see from the time on the picture, im up stressing over how to pay for parts i need for jobs this week.

Am considering a 'Name and shame' board for naughty clients...... (cant because of data protection, but wish i could)

For anyone wondering what this is, its an iphone app for invoicing. very usefull.


Its called ' Ring it up '

The old saying goes

'if you owe the bank a million, you have a problem, if you owe the bank a billion, the bank has a problem'

Not true with plumbers bills.........

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The extra mile

My ChargesPosted by Sebastian Tue, July 06, 2010 20:25:34
One of my clients just upgraded my account (payment terms) from 30 days to 7 days, without me asking. That is the sort of action that lets me know he feels I am part of the team, and the respect will be reciprocated. I will go that extra mile when he needs me most. Cheers M

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Special offers

My ChargesPosted by Sebastian Fri, July 02, 2010 01:08:49
I am considering a special offer discount card...... 'First hour free' or some such. The local hairdresser does it, as does McDonalds. Both are on Facebook and twitter too, but I dont much fancy that.

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My ChargesPosted by Sebastian Thu, July 01, 2010 21:37:08
My favorite customer paid on the nose AGAIN! I love that type of customer. Thanks again S.

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Kitchen fitters opinion

My ChargesPosted by Sebastian Thu, July 01, 2010 17:49:42
Met a kitchen fitter today, hes Gas safe and NIEIC registered. Hes thinking £30 per hour is too low. His opinion is £40+

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What I charge

My ChargesPosted by Sebastian Wed, June 30, 2010 22:49:34
Im struggling with this one, In London I charged £65 per hour, plus VAT, and £440 for a day, And that was as a general plumber. These days I charge less, £30-50 per hour depending on the work, client and location, and thats as a full commercial engineer. I shall have to see how it goes, but im a little concerned I may not make enough to keep going with this level of registrations.

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