A day in the life of a gas engineer......

A day in the life of a gas engineer......

Gas engineer stars in the 'case of the missing tool'

TechnicalPosted by Sebastian Fri, December 30, 2011 16:38:27

On arrival at a service call the client informed me his boiler smelt funny when run......... yeah, we all know this one..... and its not often good.......... choked heat exchanger, overheating......... something nasty anyway.....

I checked it over visualy to begin with.... all seemed ok........ burner pressure ok, not overheating, flame picture good, FGA readings excellent , heat exchanger clear....... flue ok.......

But it certainly did smell..........

i was about to start checking the electrics when I found this.....

3 years they had been in here.........

The tool in question is the guy that left them in here!

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ARRRRR..... they dont build 'em like this anymore.....

TechnicalPosted by Sebastian Mon, June 20, 2011 18:09:28

just fitted this, got it flat packed from B&Q..... bit tricky to get it up the stairs but I managed....... No, in all seriousness, this is a slate water tank, about a century old, still in use. Think about it - we have all seen the simpsons episode where they dont let the baby drink out of plastic containers... (it gets into the food or something), and have you ever tasted coke from a glass bottle? (Mmmm) Water tanks are plastic... often not great quality plastic either. This thing is never going to leach toxins into the water. This little treasure will last another 100 years, barring an earthquake, or the joists rotting underneath it, Also, its 100% natural, 100% recyclable... carbon neutral......... wonderful. As i have always said, better to make it to last, than to make 10!

If you would like one in your house, you cant have one, B&Q dont stock this model anymore.

(if anyone from B&Q is reading this, dont take offence, your my favorite DIY superstore, as multiple references on this site will show.............)

ps . As ive got you here now, (Mr B&Q) please can I have a better credit limit on my trade card?

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burst pipes and more burst pipes..

TechnicalPosted by Sebastian Sun, February 27, 2011 21:59:10

i have had more burst pipes this year than i have had for the last 6 years...... even a burst water meter!

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80's copper pinhole leaks

TechnicalPosted by Sebastian Sat, December 18, 2010 16:38:28

not seen this in a while, it looks to be the pinhole leaks that we used to get in the 80's italian copper tube (i think its italian) - the tube had slight internal flaws that left raised bits, so, like a pebble in a river, the flow dug a hole after the raised projection. The flow must roll over the rock, then down and back on itself. (I could do a somewhat better description, but it might get quite boring).

Interestingly, this section has been like this for quite some years.

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Can this be fixed?

TechnicalPosted by Sebastian Sun, November 07, 2010 22:51:46

I realy want to try getting this running. I figure its 1920's, but its not the oldest ive seen, the oldest was runnung tho, its not underwater its underground and cobwebs. i figure it has to be oil (lpg is no go as its underground) it still holds water so its possible..... i wont get paid to fix it, but ......

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Repairs to barrel.... (steel pipe)

TechnicalPosted by Sebastian Tue, August 03, 2010 21:12:54

Did this today....... good luck finding anone else who does small barrel repairs.......

Right, first thing is that the bottom rhs pipe is free ended, but bent like a banana, almost an S shape, and its 1" off the floor. Above goes up to a swan neck, top rhs pipe is also free ended, and again, banana shaped. had to dismantle the whole thing, then replace the tee (was corroded badly) and rebuild. Tricky! Originaly i wanted to repipe in copper.... but its a heavy traffic area... and when i came to do the job I decided copper was out of the question.

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In commercial systems, TWO things usualy have to fail

TechnicalPosted by Sebastian Tue, August 03, 2010 21:01:18
This is a pumped waste water connection..... blown off. Did anyone notice? hell no. it dug itself a hole back to the septic tank, the cover was bolted down, if it hadnt been, you bet they would notice!

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One pipe systems

TechnicalPosted by Sebastian Tue, August 03, 2010 20:54:03

boring radiator, right? no, it was a poorly performing rad on a one pipe system, and as you can see its 2 meters from the main run....... I converted it to top and tail, and it runs brilliantly!

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Scale Scale and more scale......

TechnicalPosted by Sebastian Thu, July 29, 2010 23:04:18

I took two buckets of this out of a water heater.... no wonder the poor thing was knocking!!

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the effect of hard water on electric showers

TechnicalPosted by Sebastian Thu, July 22, 2010 22:44:59

This is what happens inside your electric shower, this is what hard water does. This is why it goes hot/cold/hot/cold

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